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Videos of Tummy Tuck Jeans In Action

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Our little round up of video footage of the jeans on many different women…

OK, first up a top stylist – for this one, be patient – wait until we get to Renee, the second model – and hear what her stylist and her reckon on her NYDJ jeans:

Next, this one’s a mini-press release affair from NYDJ with some great women’s reactions to the jeans!

Next up -sorry for the slightly strange lack of music here but you do get a REALLY good look at a pair up close!

NYDJ Press launch Isreal June 2009 – lovely music:

This one is of course, a commercial release from NYDJ and the video isn’t in synch for some reason but its very watchable. You get a commentary from Lisa Rudes Sandel herself, very interesting and you also get to see some of the non-denim slacks.

Our favourite quote? The very American exhuberance of “I can even do pilates in them!”

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