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The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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Pair of original brand NYDJ Tummy Tuck Jeans

Pair of original brand NYDJ Tummy Tuck Women's Jeans

There are now women’s jeans which claim to be cleverly cut and finished to minimise your tummy, avoid the “muffin-top-look” where your tummy pokes out over the top of the waistband and enhance the shape of your bottom by a lifting effect. The effect is claimed to make you drop a dress size by wearing them. It should be noted, there is no lasting effect promised, this is not an alternative to plastic surgery for a permanent tummy tuck effect. Check out the quick video on the right for the jeans in action and read on to discover more.

the so-called muffin top effect

A way to avoid the so-called muffin top effect?

How long have they been around?

Tummy tuck women’s jeans caught on in America first and came to the UK in 2007, attracting some very favourable reviews in The Telegraph, the Times and the Daily Mirror’s fashion pages. They were also given the thumbs up by Mary Portas, the fashion guru behind “Mary Queen of Shops” reality TV where, where Mary gives expert advice to fashion boutique owners.

With such glowing accolades, its little wonder there has been so much interest and runaway sales.

No more corset nightmares!

The brand “Not Your Daughters Jeans®” claims to be the original design “tummy tuck jean”, with the best design and indeed, seems to be the one featured in those press reviews.  Their advertising gives customers a challenge – to be able to drop a dress size by wearing the jeans. They also emphasize the jeans comfort factor, highlighting unlike traditional corsets or restrictive “shapewear”, the jeans do not “squash” the wearer and are incredibly comfortable to wear.  The brand was started in LA in 2003 by sisters Lisa and Leslie Rudes-Sandel in America. Lisa has stated the jeans came about as no-one was making flattering, wearable jeans for real women – pointing out few women want their underwear on show bending down in low-rise jeans!

The brand also claim a buttock lifting effect

The brand also claim a buttock lifting effect

She always emphasises the cut combined with comfort of the jeans is what makes them different. The secret is also in a cross stitched panel which is designed to flatten everything, but not compress as conventional jeans would – hence no “muffin-top” effect, as in conventional jeans where your poor compressed flesh is “released” at the top of a constricted tube of fabric!

The brand seems to have been a runaway success, with No.1 seller status on Nordstrom.com, an online fashion store selling 500+ top brands, when they famously sold 2,000 pairs in a single day.

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