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The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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Early Fashion Trends 2010 Part 3 – Should Work With Tummy Tuck Jeans


If you’re looking for hot fashion for curvy women, you cannot afford to miss this. Part 3 of our guide for 2010 on how to work the latest fashion trends with your NYDJ tummy tuck jeans. How to keep bang on trend but include NYDJ in your look, to keep the famous tummy contouring and bottom lifting effect alongside the comfort. Working the NYDJ jeans as the base garment keeps you in style without the discomfort of shape wear that has less than the 4% Lycra included in the jeans…

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From The Vaults of History – Previous Attempts At Jeans For Curves

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If you wanted to know whether tummy tuck jeans were just a marketing heavy rip off or not, compare and contrast with this little collection! Incredible lineup of women’s jeans adverts videos from the 1970s to the present day, check this out and you’ll see where it all fits together…

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Tags: Fashion Trends: Curvy and Plus Size