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The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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Summer Fashion & Tummy Tuck Jeans Part 1

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Don’t be left behind this summer – get the latest look and wear it with your tummy tuck jeans. Fashion has never been so much fun – you can rock the pavement like it were your own personal catwalk, and keep that sexy shape without resorting to ugly shape wear. Check out the latest in plastic accessories here, heels, an update on the 70’s look we predicted back in Spring and of course how it all works with Not Your Daughters Jeans.

Elsewhere on the planet, plastic has gone out of fashion – we’re not festooning ourselves with umpteen plastic bags at the stores any more, grumbling about the amount of plastic in packaging and so on. Fashion of course always has an answer to the world’s most pressing problems- why not use the shiny stuff for accessories? Tinted transparent handbags hit the catwalks of Prada and Burberry, smoky tints that would make you think twice about what you put in the bag – definitely not used tissues and the ubiquitous grubby sticks of Wrigley’s gum that’s for sure. The next idea is a bit of a cheat here as it isn’t always practical, but there you go, that’s the crazy world of fashion for you.

Prada and the likes of Fendi rolled out clear plastic heels, which has to be one of the most fun fashion trends we can think of to team up with jeans. If your legs look elongated, your behind is lifted and your tummy is smoothed, it’s crying for you to top it off with a pair of these killer heels. Not everyone can get away with those on the school run or swooshing into the office for the day, so instead head for another key trend – it’s being dubbed the ‘70’s mum’ look.

We’ve talked about before in our guide to Early Fashion Trends Part 4 and its still around now, so its clearly got staying power. One of the biggest looks of the season is an update on 1970’s styling – and key feature is high waisted denim. You’ll see a lot of focus on skirts, but providing you can wear a light denim jean, you’re still on trend with the high waisted trademark style of tummy tuck jeans. Plus you’re not going to fall out of them on the real life school run, unlike some nice poppered denim skirt, which we just know could flap dangerously open at any random ‘bending’ moment.

We liked this retro bag from Retro Designer Deals and this steal vintage bag with hand printed bird from Etsy.

Vogue are saying you can wear this look with flats, which is perfect for busy women, and you’ll also find them advocating a touch of feminity with silk blouses. Team this up with tan and camel accessories for an unbeatably cool look that you can actually wear in real life. If you think we’re excited this fashion trend took off, wait for our next revelation – rucksacks and bumbags.

Both are back in style, from tiny to large sizes, and who would have thought the humble bum-bag would have been so well rehabilitated from its position of charity shop bargain bin shame? Apart from being eminently practical, this precise rehabilitation of one of the neatest aspects of this fashion style. The bum bag above is a Louis Vuitton but you can do it on a shoestring – you will find rucksacks and bumbags down your local charity (or ‘thrift’) store going for a song. Fabrics, vinyls, PVC and leather are all in fashion, and believe us, from many years of fashion hunting in such outlets, we guarantee there’ll be no shortage in the cities. We liked this one from for their nod to the ’70’s mum’ look.

Whether you’re looking for a glamorous fashion style, or an uber-cool daywear look, you can work all of these summer trends with tummy tuck jeans. If you want to take your denim to a lighter shade, check out our guide to lighter shades in Early Fashion Trends Part 2 where we first scooped the denim trend – and it has stuck as the fashion season has unfolded. Don’t forget to check back with us soon for our round up of wearable, workable fashion trends for summer – hand-picked to work with your NYDJ jeans with the lowdown on where to pick it up at a fraction of the cost of top designer names.

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