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Tummy Tuck Jeans info…

The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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From The Vaults of History – Previous Attempts At Jeans For Curves

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This page is an attempt to give you a little bit of background on the whole tummy tuck jeans caboodle. If you wondered why the Not your Daughters Jeans (R) brand became popular, think back to the attempts made to mass-market jeans for women over the past few decades.

First up, the 1970’s – apparently in 27 sizes:

Another gem from the late 1970’s:

Er, ‘lucky’ girls in the 1970’s – Levis women’s jeans ad for Misses or Junior sizes…

With a rockin’ soundtrack…Australia’s Just Jeans…

The 1980’s brought you these, nothing to do with Xena Warrior Princess:

And these…

And those Chic Jeans from the 70s were still in the stores in one million sizes…

Fast forward to the 1990’s: Did we all indeed feel like a natural woman in our denims then?

And by now, Just Jeans were telling us how stretchy they were in a purely visual way, having dumped the band:

But by 2008, the band was back, albeit with a bunch of youngsters miming, and not much reference to how those low risers were going to stretch or anything…

And in the last eight years, here’s what Levis were offering for their concept of Women’s Jeans:

There seems to have been a shift from the 1970s emphasis on the fit towards a younger market segmentation – by the late 1990s, jeans adverts, along with so much of fashion’s media output, simply generally featured young washboard thin models. Perfect for washboard thin young women. But for the rest of us the trend towards the tighter fitting low rise jeans is probably one of the strongest factors in the ‘how on God’s earth do I find jeans that fit’ fashion crisis that characterizes our average shopping mall trawl.  Savvy women may look beyond marketing aimed outside their demographic and give many brands a try,  but if the jeans don’t feel right, its straight onto the next brand. Tummy tuck jeans simply occupy a different market segmentation, although it s puzzling why the major manufacturers aren’t also cottoning onto this huge consumer group. If women over the age  30 (or those who aren’t tremedously ‘fashionista thin’ in their twenties) will buy well made jeans for the curvy figure in droves, why aren’t more companies cashing in on the demand? Women with a fuller figure than the fashion waif look are also possibly older with more disposable income to spend on fashion than the real-life counterparts of the very thin twenty-somethings who tend to be cast in the adverts! We’re most definately scratching our heads on that one.

Sylvie Bernaut

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