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Tummy Tuck Jeans info…

The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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Early Fashion Trends 2010 Part 2 – Should Work With Tummy Tuck Jeans


Welcome to Part 2 of our round up of the new seasons key fashion trends and how to work them incorporating your tummy tuck jeans to stay right on trend. As ever, we take a real life look at the clothes flouncing about on the fashion runways and unearth some trends we think you could actually wear and keep the shaping effect from our favourite brand of jeans and trousers. If you’re after some key fashion trends that you can easily use the NYDJ line as a base garment for, read on, we aim to give you the scoop on some looks that will stop you looking outdated and keep you nicely contoured in the tummy region and lifting in the behind. In five minutes, you’ll have new new shopping ideas, to go with our equally fast Part 1 in the series.

First up in Part 2, well, its about time we mentioned this super-relevant trend: yes, ladies, denim is officially on trend for Spring/Summer 2010. Its been seen on the catwalks of designers such as Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana, featuring the fabric in jeans, skirts and dresses. On the high street, it looks like a toss up between darker shades of indigo blue and the lighter, distressed denim look. Not a problem, you can get either shade and one easy way to get a distressed look is simply buy second hand. A quick flick through EBay and we found a few pairs we reckon we could rough up enough: a lot of the new denim look has a distinctly faded feel, stonewash or even a snow wash. The moddish look of snow wash denim is going to be little more tricky to achieve.

Here’s something we don’t recommend because we did it in our youth:  the old bucket method with household bleach and crumpled jeans. We did get extreme, blue and white patchy denim.  The downside: the jeans usually stank of bleach no matter how many times you washed them, and it damages the fabric badly.  Better to buy stonewash and customise using patches and rips, your more likely to get something wearable at the end.

Ripped jeans fashion trend Spring / Summer 2010

Patches are big news Largerfeld, Chanel), try contrasting ones in a darker denim than the jeans denim, and rips are simply so long as you don’t get to ambitious. Again, we remember creating rips using nail scissors and a little fraying to get an authentic look, but be warned, overdoing it gave us jeans with knees that literally hung off away from the rest of the leg, or gaping bits where the rip simply became too big. You could try clear nail varnish at the ends of each rip, but you have to think is it going to look unsightly, is it going to cope in the wash and for sure its going to permanently alter the jeans. Therefore disclaimer: try at your own risk! We’ve put the finest from You Tube on how to distress jeans instead, have a look and see what you think:

As far as the official American NYDJ website goes, check it out and see if you agree with us there’s a trend for styles which will adapt to each season rather than ‘one seasons specials’.

For darker denim, we liked the ‘Premium Blue/Black Tonal’  shade (see top image) on the NYDJ official website, or the ‘Resin’ collection in ‘Raw Denim:

NYDJ tummy tuck jeans in raw denim

Lighter denim to work the distressed look was harder to find, so we’re sticking with our buy lighter shades from resellers or a second hand pair maxim here. We found lighter looking shades brand new in online retailers simply by Googling, in about three seconds flat. Denim dresses also seem to be in style, but you have to decide whether you want to run with magic knickers underneath them, or stick with the tummy tuck jeans to get your tummy contouring and bottom shape. Short layered denim skirts are floating about, you will get a fabulous feminine look but again, it depends on whether you’re confident in that or looking for streamlining more. As mentioned in Part 1, frills and ruffles are in, yes, this can be on your skirt – or you could either work this in on your tops and blouses or accessories and shoes  if you want to stick to wearing your jeans. If you haven’t tried them yet, you really must have a go at skinny jeans.

Slim Leg Tummy Tuck NYDJ

Skinny jeans are still floating around this season, being given a new twist by the distressed look. Again, you could try starting first of all by trying the slim leg style in NYDJ, which we think is a great take on skinny jeans for the ‘non-super-skinny-model type’.  You could also head for the second hand market. As the weather warms up, try a wider leg style and turn the bottoms up a good 7 inches. If you’re not comfortable about your ankles, there are a couple of ways to go here. We think the skinny style automatically makes ankles look great, so try a pair of slim leg NYDJ  instead of rolling up the wider styles. Another way is to work it using your shoes, a gorgeous pair of super sexy heels can help you feel much more confident. We keep coming back to the same point – not everyone is a catwalk waif shape. Women in real life have many other body shapes and it all still looks good if you dress well and feel good about yourself.  Whatever style you choose, don’t stop there, go on and shop for accessories with a keen eye.

Tan accessories were seen on the catwalks on quite distressed looking denim ensembles by Ralph Lauren, who used a cheeky tan belt with braces and flat cap for one look. We have to say it all looked hot and it was kept feminine by a pair of metallic silver high heeled sandals . So, our tip is try tan accessories such as a wide belt – for the hourglass shape, this draws attention to that lovely waist. Wide belts will also hide the gap between when the jeans stop and the top starts, so any awkward folds in the bottom of a top that doesn’t quite seem to know where to go can be effortlessly smoothed into a more elegant silhouette. Tan might seem like a boring color, but Lauren proves you can swing it back again from a more masculine, workaday look simply by adding flashy heels.

Tan belt and distressed denim

Clear platform - another trend for this yearClogs could be another way to take it – a well made pair of clogs could be the perfect tan accessory, with a heel high enough to make sure its understood you’re certainly not a farmer. Do not panic – if none of that sounds like your thing, Part 1 or our guide here gives you the lowdown of the frills and ruffles that have invaded the scene recently, and we will be adding to the guide in Part 3 with more ideas. Meantime, you might also want to take a look at the trend in pinstripe.

This one is practically made for NYDJ jeans. How many companies have routinely run a line in pinstripe denim, eh? OK, so they’re off the official site, but a quick flick through EBay revealed five pairs and we found some again brand new in online stores simply Googling for them. Team it up with a smart boyfriend blazer and you have a new take on the pinstripe suits that have been on the catwalks.

The good news is, you’ll be on trend in denim this Spring/Summer. Whether you’re wearing it dark, light, or pinstripe, with tan,or with pretty heels, slim leg or rolled up, you’re looking hot. Denim is such a versatile, fuss free garment, providing your cut is right. With the unique lifting and shaping properties of tummy tuck jeans by Not Your Daughters Jeans, we think you can rock the fashion trend without any muffin top catastrophes.  So, in just a few minutes, you have our ideas on the new denim,  ideas for dressing the look and places to add to your shopping itinerary. Check back with us for Part 3 of our roundup of this seasons best fashion clothes.

RS Brown, Sylvie Bernaut

Editors Note: Part 3 and 4 are now here with more unmisssable info from the catwalks…

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