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The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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Curvy in a Skinny-Obsessed World – cue the Tummy Tuck Jeans

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The way the media flirts with the issue of weight and body shape/size is nothing short of scandalous – how many of those people unhappy with their body shapes feel they’re just not ok because they don’t look like an image in a magazine, or their favourite movie star? Occasionally, there’s a stab at sense, with calls to ban size zero models, following the death – yes, you read that right- the death of one model due to extreme dieting. Following on from our guide to women’s jeans since the 70’s, this post explores the crazy whirl of the modern obsession with size, the reality for modern women and where the jeans fit into it all.

Lisa Marie Presley was treated discgracefully by the media whilst pregnant with twins

Lisa Marie Presley was treated disgracefully by the media whilst pregnant with twins

In 2008, when Lisa Marie Presley was pregnant, the media seized on her supposed ‘ballooning weight’ in a particularly hideous way, linking it to her father Elvis’ battle with his weight and making between-the-lines implications about his famous problems with his lifestyle (which sadly we all now know included the drugs that contributed to his untimely death). The furore got so bad that Lisa Marie eventually came on record to say she was in fact, pregnant, how hurtful all the media attention had been – and how she was suing British newspaper The Daily Mail who had started it all (1). Good for her. In modern society, we are assailed with messages to be thin, thin, thin, and anyone in the public eye seen to be -shock, horror- “putting weight on” (meaning often simply a more average adult weight) comes in for full scrutiny and paparazzi photos. But the obsession is positively crazy in its approach – on the one hand absolutely hounding celebrities who go up a dress size, on the other chasing them down their holiday beaches with long-lense cameras  if they lose weight and describing them as ‘anorexic’, ‘shockingly thin’ and so on. Recent victims of this headline-grabbing trick include Angelina Jolie (2) ,  ex-Wonderbra model Eve Herzigova (2,3),  Keira Knightley (6) to name just a few. From publishing ‘caught-off-guard’ photos screaming so and so is too fat to so and so is too thin, the media is relentless in its obsession with celebrity size, yet the reality for most women is a world away.

What may shock most fashion designers, and remember the fashion industry did not, in the end, ban size zero models, is that most non-model non-celebrity women are not in fact, tremendously thin. We can only think its a revelation, since year after year the catwalks and magazines are always full of thin models, despite the fact these are never the women who buy most fashion clothing. We have tummies, which are not flat and do not suit most low rider styles, we have behinds with flesh on, which may indeed spread sideways or downwards, some of us are into plus size fashion. We do not all have access to a gym, cannot find the time or sometimes the motivation to go even if we could, and quite frankly, many of us will be pleased if we can get a nice pair of decent looking sexy jeans or a nice top without considering spending thousands of pounds or dollars on cosmetic surgery. There, we’ve said it – many women are too busy just getting on with all to join in the beyond occasionally reading those crazy headlines. Our team writing here are not gym bunnies, it has to be said, on the grounds of “no time” and the somewhat more candid  “hey, I’m not model sized, but you know what, I just can’t be bothered”. Away from the idea that something is terribly, dreadfully, shockingly wrong if you put a little weight on, in real life, we go up a few pounds, come down a few pounds, live in a world where some women are plus size and I could be wrong, but I think most ‘surveys’ touted about women’s body shapes indicate the the majority of men in real life, would fancy the  girl with hips and curves, not necessarily the flat tummies and protruding hip bones in the magazines.Tummy tuck jeans seem to have fitted really well  into this background because they’re jeans for curves without aiming for some ridiculous ideal shape, with a uniform concave tummy, no matter what the real life size and shape of the woman is.

And what happens if we don't look like this in low rise jeans?

And what happens if we don't look like this in low rise jeans?

Cut the NYDJ tummy tuck jeans for women with real behinds

Cut the NYDJ tummy tuck jeans for women with real behinds

Most women also don’t want to look, well, silly. We’re all now trying to look glamorous no matter what our age, gone are the days when women slid in a fashion no go zone after forty and started happily eyeing up comfotrbale shoes. Thanks to TV style gurus  like Trinny and Suzanna, Gok Wan and  shows like Sex And The City, Madonna out-rocking us all at 50 in skimpy outfits (remember her thighs  in the video for Hung Up?), we are expected to be right on top of fashion long after our twenties and thirties now. In our careers, in our home lives, the goalposts have changed dramatically. No bad thing, whon wants to lok like a “little old lady”, but it does mean a bit of ninja-style wardrobe attack is needed – its just not always possible to get away with younger styles. Cue the tummy tuck jeans – because they come in  many styles there’s something there to work for most women. The beauty of them is the control with the comfort – you don’t look like you’re huffing and puffing as you climb the stairs in a control wear ‘garment’ (even the word garment sounds ugly there, doesn’t it?). The tummy is contoured – not squashed into an unrealistic shape, just contoured. Lifted a little, like the behind, which gets a subtle uplift, not an unsightly buttock splitting hoist!  There’s no underwiring, no odd flesh toned wide strapped undergarment to contend with, no visible panty line and nothing pokes out of the top or sides. Women can wear the Not Your Daughters Jeans brand tummy tuck jeans and trousers  in a grown up way – elegant, contoured, not trying some ridiculous contraption to squeeze it all in, which then only looks weird because the rest of the un-squeezed body obviously isn’t as flat or smooth. We reckon the jeans can help women to create their own personal style without feeling outdated, over the hill, or pressurised into trying for a shape that only surgery, too much personal training and constant dieting could maybe achieve.

Advert for NYDJ Jeans - its for curves...

Advert for NYDJ Jeans - its for curves...

Black NYDJ trouser slacks

Black NYDJ trouser slacks

It just isnt realistic to expect human beings to all stay through their life at an idealised super-thin weight, not to mention not healthy to plant this idea as the only worth  having., surely its more truly sexy to dress the body shape in a more realistic way? Jeans and trousers made for curvy hips, bottoms, thighs, all those sensual bits that women have, it can only be agood thing, rather than trying to make everyone fit into skinny jeans and low riders. Since the media isn’t sure whether its coming or going and has a record of disgraceful unprovoked attacks on celebrity women, its hardly a place to go for advice on what looks good and what doesn’t evey time and real women simply don’t often have the time to try to force their bodies into largely unattaibale shapes anyway, many are just choosing to buy clothing such as the tummy tuck jeans to give them a nice curvy contour and leave it at that. Tummy tuck jeans can fit into eveyday life  as a way to give you an elegant silhouette by keeping you in better proportion to the body you’ve got, not by trying to make small parts of you look like the super thin one most of us just don’t have in real life.

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