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The lowdown on jeans that claim to make you look slimmer

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How do Tummy Tuck Jeans work?

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How does it work?

“Tummy tuck” is a phrase coined to refer to abdominoplasty surgery. Abdominoplasty Surgery aims to reduce excess skin and fat from the middle to lower abdomen, as well as enhancing the tightness of muscles.

NYDJ  tuck effect

NYDJ tuck effect

Tummy tuck jeans aim to achieve a similar effect – when the jeans are worn, the tummy slims and the bottom is lifted, giving more confidence.

NYDJ on the behind...

NYDJ on the behind...

The bestselling brand Not Your Daughters Jeans® have several patented features. The tummy and thighs benefit from cross stitched panels which shape. The seat (rear) of the jeans) has extra stitching to lift the bottom. There is also more spandex fibres included than in older versions of “shapewear”, such as Spanx. Generally, control wear features 2% spandex, whereas there is 4% in the tummy tuck jeans. The type of denim used is also important, with a special weave. This allows for the denims stretching qualities to be controlled in lower torso, giving shape to the tummy, hips and lifting the bottom.

The brands founders  Lisa and Leslie Rudes-Sandel are the daughters of George Rudes, who produced the best-selling St Germain denim wear in the 1970s and 80s. The jeans were developed over time to specifically allow women to have control yet still feel comfortable wearing denim jeans.

The effect has been described as being like suction for curves, yet extremely comfortable to wear in the press.  The success of the brand is probably due to 3 factors. Whilst the lifting and shaping effects are much vaunted, the wearer is not seemingly compressed, as in traditional shapewear. There is no uncomfortable control wear feeling, unlike wearing control pants. There is also the feel-good factor of being able to buy a smaller size of jeans – a boost for women struggling to maintain confidence. The appearance is almost as though you have had tummy liposuction.

At the time of writing, the phenomenon seems to be a women-only product, although sales figures indicate it won’t be long before a product for men is developed.

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  • 1 simonbrown // Sep 19, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    These jeans are sneaky :) Tell you what if one of the celebrities who is a bit, er – more generously proportioned started to wear these it would generate massive publicity. For example if Jennifer Lopez started wearing them – though why J-Lo would want to – or if Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston started to wear them it would go completely nuts. Not that any of them have put on weight – I’m just trying to think who might be someone who could put on weight…. Lindsay Lohan maybe? Britney Spears? or maybe Britney would put people people off ;)